visual art is the craft that Oleksandr is least known for, but, in fact, it was the field where he honed his talents in the early years of his life. his initial drawings were later transformed into illustrations for his 2017 poetry collection, "Decadence." drawings from his time at the Academy of Printing would later complement poems in the 2021 book "Happy Lovers." influenced by contemporary forms of expression, he transitioned to working with colors while remaining true to the gloomy surreal noir themes.

 Oleksandr has held several private exhibitions in Ukraine and Georgia and has participated in various collective projects. his works now grace private collections across various countries worldwide. feel free to reach out if you're interested in acquiring any of Oleksandr's pieces.

96х71,5 cm. watercolor on paper


this project took place at the Sheptytsky Centre in Lviv. "Tenderness" serves as a journey to discover one's own softness—a profound and serene warmth shielded from the world's perils. how do you perceive poetry in your daily life? how does it manifest in the world that surrounds you? is it even conceivable? according to Oleksandr, poetry acts as the key to self-discovery. by understanding oneself, you can decipher the principles governing the world's existence, ultimately enhancing the quality of your own life. in this manner, the author aims to inspire viewers to embark on this introspective journey. 

the exhibition showcased two distinct periods of the author's work—his earliest and most recent creations. specifically crafted for this event were four watercolor pieces, brought to life on January 16th, while an alkyd work on plywood, dating back 16 years, added a unique time-bounding dimension to the showcase.

"Reeds". 150x105 cm. alkyd enamel on plywood


this project distinctly reflects Oleksandr's deep admiration for Jackson Pollock's working method. Oleksandr found a certain sacredness in this process, akin to the feeling of witnessing the works of old masters, where Holly Maria cradles baby Jesus without their bodies physically touching—there's a sense of levitation. similarly, Pollock crafted his masterpieces without direct contact with the canvas; instead, he poured paint onto it, allowing the forces of gravity and other physics principles to organically shape the artwork.

"Water". 170x89 cm. alkyd enamel on plywood

100x53 cm. alkyd enamel on plywood


this project was crafted as a tribute to some of the most prominent figures in poetry. for instance, two of the works shown here are visual representations of Ezra Pound and Ivan Franko, a distinguished Western Ukrainian (Galician) poet from the beginning of the XX century. these pieces were crafted from a specific type of clay and mounted on wooden frames.


this project was made between 2006-2017 in Ukraine and the States. this captivating series of mostly black-and-white photographs featuring nude women showcases a nuanced exploration of the interplay between light and shadow. in crafting these images, Oleksandr delves into the essence of human form, capturing the raw vulnerability and timeless beauty that emanates from each subject. the monochromatic palette, reminiscent of classic photography, lends a timeless quality to the series, emphasizing the purity and simplicity of the human figure. much like the masterful technique employed by renowned photographers of the past, these works evoke a sense of artistry that transcends the temporal, allowing viewers to engage with the universal and enduring nature of the human body. the pieces from this series have been showcased multiple times in Ukraine.